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Pumps & Floating Strainers product range

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AMPHIBIO Floating Strainers

Designed to allow for water pickup from the surface rather than below the waterline, the Compact Amphibio Floating Strainer protects transfer and pickup pumps from damage caused by entrapment of water contaminated by sludge, gravel or other potentially damaging material.

Rather than relying on a crude filter at the end of the pickup hose, the Amphibio sits on the surface of the water and reaches full operational efficiency when used on water sources as shallow as 1.5 cm. Designed with a rotating suction chamber that compensates for the weight and drag of the suction hose, the Amphibio always remains upright and stable.


  • Compact size, improved design
  • Rotating strainer remains upright when lightweight and connected to pickup hose
  • Reduces the risk of damage to pumps
  • Manually released clack valve
  • Constructed from impact-resistant backflow polyethylene
  • Can be supplied with customer-specified couplings

Amphibio’s floatation unit is constructed with high-strength, impact-resistant polyethylene plastic. It is impact and scratch-resistant. If desired, the pickup strainer can be easily disconnected from the floatation unit for use as a conventional pick‐up filter.

Amphibio Portable Floating Pumps

AMPHIBIO Floating Pumps are designed for pumping water from flooded places, streams, ponds and hard‐to‐reach sources of water. It focuses on practical features and easy‐to‐use operation. Engine with pump can be easily detached from floater to reach more space during transport. It is impossible to sink the pump due to the construction of the float. The ergonomic frame allows for the pump to be carried by two people with ease. The bottom cover blocks debris and particles over 15 mm. Pump construction allows a “dry” run without damage.


  • New float – constructed from impact-resistant polyethylene
  • Superb design – a perfect balance between performance and appearance
  • Compact dimensions
  • Enhanced lightweight
  • More options, more power – you can choose between HONDA and BRIGGS & STRATTON engines
  • Bronze impeller
  • Special bottom strainer
  • External fuel tank – for longer operation

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