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DLX Rapid Deployment Shelters

Our DLX Rapid Deployment Shelters Product Range

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The ASAP-18 Rapid Shelter System

  • The first one up – every time
  • Two-person, 60-second setup
  • Lightweight durability
  • Goes wherever you’re needed most
  • For combat outposts, field hospitals, disaster relief, relocation shelters, and more
  • US Patent Numbers: 10309093 // 10941559 // 11732496

Rapid Deployment Redefined®

This is where rapid deployment begins. The ASAP® Rapid Shelter System draws on decades of industry knowledge, as well as direct input from first responders and expeditionary forces, to create a shelter capable of deploying in just 60 seconds with two trained personnel. It comes packed in a tough Best Case by DLX™ that can be transported by two people and fits in the bed of a truck, minivan, or SUV. You can now take command, communications, rehab, or triage to places you never thought possible. Whether it’s decon, surge overflow, expeditionary operations, or quarantine and isolation, this shelter can be configured to fill any role thrown at it. The ASAP® system can connect to itself, the ASAP-HUB®, or the larger X-Series and X-HUB, to create a base camp or command center of any size or layout. This makes it ideal for even the most logistically challenging mission.


No more than two (2) people are required to set up the DLX ASAP-18 Shelter model.


The initial ASAP-18 Shelter system setup is less than 60 seconds.

USABLE AREA: 18 x 16 ft (5.49 x 4.88 m)

SQUARE FOOTAGE: 288 ft2 (26.84 m2)

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