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$681.20 (Ex GST)

Product Details

Featuring the Innovative Rylstatic® System The Latest Patented Technology from Tipsa.

Flow Settings:
The flow rate can be set through an easy grip ring featuring preset positions. The flow ring has a raised lug to identify the maximum flow setting in low visibility conditions. The FLUSH mode is used to ensure that any debris is flus- hed from the nozzle to avoid pattern disrup- tions or flow reductions.

Stream Pattern:
The nozzle stream is adjusted by rotating the bumper giving the firefighter the widest fog pattern (Full Fog – Protection) to the na- rrowest fog pattern (Narrow Fog and Straight Stream). The bumper has a raised lug to iden- tify the Narrow Fog in low visibility conditions. The VIPER BLUE DEVIL series comes standard with the innovative patented fog pattern ca- lled RYLSTATIC®. RYLSTATIC® is a system that gives you a uniform water fog with smaller water droplets and less friction loss than other traditional systems. VIPER BLUE DEVIL nozzles have been designed to offer a broa- der fog shield of protection to the firefighters. Traditional spinning teeth are available as an option on all VIPER BLUE DEVIL nozzles.

Shut Off Valve:
The valve has a dual seat and dual driven shaft to offer better performance against water hammers and to enhance its durability. The valve itself is a low maintenance product with a stainless steel ball valve (except for the 2 1⁄2” size which utilizes a highly engineered poly- mer resin ball) operated through an OPEN/ CLOSE handle. The operation is smooth and constant allowing firefighters to open and clo- se the valve easily.

Stainless Steel Inlet Screen:
A stainless steel screen is mounted within the inlet to prevent materials from entering the nozzle, which reduces the risk of damage or failure during operation.

Ring Markings:
Markings on the flow selector ring and the pattern ring are laser engraved onto anodized aluminum that are easy to read and will not fade.

Lot Number:
Every nozzle is marked with a lot number befo- re leaving the factory. This number can be used for traceability purposes.

Inlet Options:
The VIPER BLUE DEVIL® selectable flow nozzles are available with the following standard threads:

· NST/NH Female
· NPSH/IPT Female
· BSP Female

The VIPER BLUE DEVIL nozzles are available upon request with the following couplings: STORZ, BARCELONA UNE 23400, DSP/GUI- LLEMIN, UNI, NOR, GOST and MACHINO.

The swivel inlet allows the nozzle to rotate con- tinuously while connected to the supply hose.

The VIPER BLUE DEVIL® nozzle can be used as a foam nozzle with the addition of the optional foam tube. The nozzle works well with pre-mi- xed solutions or with inline eductors.

Approvals and Standards :
The VIPER BLUE DEVIL® nozzle complies with NFPA 1964 and is manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility. EN15182-1 & EN15182-2 type 3 Certificate available by request.