Proven Bushfire Protection for Fire Fighting Personnel

Australia’s climate and landscape is one of the most bushfire-prone in the world.

It’s no surprise that Australia’s fire-fighting and land management agencies have developed extensive procedures, policies and plans to help avoid exposing staff and crew to the risk of a ‘burnover’ event.

However, leading authorities recognise that despite the best administrative controls, situations may still arise where their personnel have no alternative but to take refuge in the face of an approaching fire-front.

This scenario has occurred under a variety of circumstances, such as reduced paths to safety due to road blockages, faster than predicted fire-fronts, ‘spotting’, communication ‘blackspots’ and limited visibility.

If you are one of the many Australian fire-fighters or land management staff working in – or travelling through – a bushfire prone area, burnover protection is likely a concern. From decades of experience protecting Australian firefighters, Thermaguard brings you the new Supertherm® Lite personal protective fire blanket.


The latest, world-class technology

The Supertherm® Lite is a world-class Personal Protective Fire Blanket developed for the protection of fire-fighters and land managers. The ground-breaking wool-free construction means this product represents a complete break with tradition; studies have shown that the ‘woollen fire blanket’ of the past can emit noxious gasses on exposure to flame. Supertherm® Lite also offers significantly higher protection in a bushfire.

Up to 60% more compact than the competition

Wool, whilst naturally fire-retardant, relies significantly on trapped air – which means it is very bulky. By eliminating the wool requirement, we are able to offer a blanket which requires far less stowage space.
The Supertherm® Lite is so much more compact that it allows a whole new range of storage options, meaning you can always have protection close to hand.

Universal application

The Supertherm® Lite is large enough for most adults, measuring approx. 1.8 x 2.0m. Both faces of the blanket are equally effective, which in turn simplifies the deployment process, saving time when time matters most.
This also reduces cognitive load, an important psychological factor to consider in any emergency situation, and critical when offering shelter to others.

Download the Scavenger Supertherm Lite Personal Protective Fire Blanket Catalogue

Scavenger Supertherm Lite Personal Protective Fire Blanket

Exceeds all AFAC performance requirements

The Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC) recently released a specification for Personal Protective Fire Blankets.
This specification was our benchmark when developing the
new Supertherm® Lite, and we have met – and exceeded – all performance requirements. Extensive independent tests by the world’s leading testing laboratories have verified these results, meaning the best peace of mind should a deployment be necessary.

Unique packaging options

Thermaguard offers a range of packaging options which have been tailored to the specification of our clients. The most common option is to supply each blanket individually vacuum packaged, which helps ensure they are dedicated for bushfire protection only.
Our objective is to offer packaging which can be rapidly
opened, minimises potential for damage, and minimises bulk. It’s all about making your life easier and safer.

Custom branding available

We know keeping track of equipment at an emergency can be a constant challenge, and safety equipment is no different. That’s why Thermaguard offers a variety of ownership branding options, including details such as logos, serial numbers and barcodes; all helping you retain your gear.