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Oil & Fuel Spill Kits are an essential part of your operations should a spill occur you need a quality product that can absorb any hydrocarbon spill such as petrol, diesel, fuel, solvents and oil, but repel water.

Scavenger Supplies spill  products are 100% organic, environmentally safe, non-leaching, biodegradable oil and chemical absorbent that is effective on land and water.

Our spill products can be used in many industries and applications currently customers include:

1. Marine operations

2. Mine Site

3.  Work Shops

4.  Automotive Workshops

5.  Chemical Plants

6.  Fertilizer plants

7.  Fuel and Oil handling plants


Many beneficial features that make it an ideal solution for industries include:


Granular absorbents make cleaning up spilled oil, fuels,caustics and other chemicals a very simple task. Apply it directly on top of the liquid and it will immediately begin to soak up the spilled liquid. Once the majority of the liquid has been absorbents, you can then bag and dispose of the soaked granulars. It‰Ûªs an incredibly easy, and equally as effective, solution for cleaning up spilled liquids and chemicals in the workplace.

100% Organic Produced from a sustainable source with no chemicals, additives and is absolutely safe to use. No expensive storage facilities or cautious handling required.
Biodegradable & environmentally friendly Retains spill containment until they decompose harmlessly. Ideal for spills where recover is not practical.
Used on land & water in all weather conditions Single product that can be used in various applications, therefore minimising costs associated with inventory, training, spill response and treatment.
Fast acting Reaches maximum absorbency within 2 minutes.
Easy to apply, work and recover It is user friendly, and designed to maintain its character & consistency, therefore leaving no messy residues; resulting in a cleaner, safer work enviornment
Cost effective Superior absorption up to 3 litres per Kg.
Meets highest EPA & industry standards It passes numerous EPA and industry standards including; Toxic Charateristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP); Disposal to unlined landfills; Oil & Grease on water; Liquid Release Test (LRT); Paint Filler Liquids Test


Non leaching for hydrocarbons EPA approval for disposal of oil / fuel spills (< 100Kg) into unlined landfill means that most spills can be disposed of into industrial waste bins, therefore drastically minimising the cost of disposal
Bioremediation Used in soil regeneration following spills on unsealed surfaces, therefore saving time and significant clean up costs.
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