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Scavenger Support of Bali Community

Mount Agung, a volcano on Indonesia’s vacation island Bali, is expected to erupt, sparking an exodus of about 100,000 people from the are. Last week Indonesian authorities announced the highest possible alert warning, and besides the evacuations they’ve also set up an exclusion zone that stretches 12km from the crater in some places.

Hundreds of tremors are being recorded at the site each day, and more than 75,000 people evacuated in the past few days after local authorities declared a state of emergency.

The air quality of Bail is greatly affected by the Volcanic Ash. To support Indonesia communities, Scavenger Supplies have donated and delivered the P2 dust mask to Bail.

It’s great to see the locals of Bali are starting to received their P2 dust masks. When Mandurah businesses are able to help and support communities from around the world it makes a difference that is priceless.

Let’s hope that Mount #Agung settles down and everyone can return safely to their homes. ” 

Warren Blay, Managing Director, Scavenger Supplies

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