• Out of hospital environments place specific demands on medical equipment. That's why the ZOLL E Series was designed especially for this use.

    The E Series is built tough! So tough that it has attained an Ingress Protection rating of IP34, and has been shown, throughout emergency services all over the world, to be a reliable partner in the field. A range of roll cage options are also available to increase the ruggedness of your unit.

    Real CPR Help provides feedback to the rescuer in one or more of the following forms:

    • CPR Compressions Indicator
    • CPR Idle Time Display
    • CPR Rate Metronome
    • Voice prompts
    • Chest Compressions Bar Graph

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  • The Smallest, Lightest, Most Advanced Monitor/Defibrillator for Military and Air Medical Operations.

    The Propaq MD provides an unmatched combination of capabilities that include a large, high-contrast colour LCD display capable of viewing up to four waveforms simultaneously, as well as a full 12-lead ECG for on-screen review. It also offers a unique night vision goggle (NVG) mode for military and air medical night time operation. All physiological monitoring parameter values, including heart rate, SpO2, ETCO2, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, two temperature channels, and three invasive pressure channels, are shown in large colour-coded numeric formats. The device is capable of monitoring all patients, whether adult, pediatric or neonatal. Alarms are provided for all parameters. The Propaq MD is the only FDA-cleared airworthy defibrillator to provide monitoring of three invasive pressures necessary for treating critical patients during long transports.

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  • Simple, Smart, Ready. In fact, its code ready. The R Series make code-readiness possible for every hospital department with advanced, cost-effective solutions for resuscitation. Consistent
    • Uniform Operating System
    • Common electrodes, cables, paddles, batteries, and connectors
    • Mix and match the products to best meet your needs and manage your assets cost effectively. Place the R Series BLS in low-activity areas where the first responder may be BLS-trained, the R Series ALS in higher-activity areas, and the R Series Plus in areas with both BLS and ALS-trained responders.
    • Both the R Series ALS and R Series Plus are fully upgradable
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