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New Mobile Hi CAFS Unit

We services and distribute the new HI CAFS Extinguisher

CAFS may also refer to any pressurized water style extinguisher that is charged with foam and pressurized with compressed air. A compressed air foam system is defined as a standard water pumping system that has an entry point where compressed air can be added to a foam solution to generate foam.

The air compressor ( external cylinder ) also provides energy, which, propels compressed air foam further than aspirated or standard water nozzles or fire extinguisher.

Its is proven that CAFS attacks all three sides of the fire triangle simultaneously. The foam blankets the fuel, thereby reducing the fuel‰Ûªs capacity to seek out a source of oxygen. The CAFS solution adheres to ceilings and walls, more readily aiding in rapid reduction in heat .  Also, the opaque surfaces of the foam, as it adheres to walls and ceilings, shield the fuel source from radiant energy. (Brooks, 2005; Brooks, 2006)