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FIRE FIGHTING FOAM – Bush fire foam


Scavenger supplies is a reseller of a fully Australian made and owned manufacture of fire fighting foam.

Our range covers  1% , 3%, 6% foam and is completely bio-degradable and non-toxic. Our foams only contain natural products that can assists the regeneration of native bush lands after fires.

Scavenger Fire Safety foams have a faster wetting, Deeper Penetrating with less evaporation and run off! These features help to save water, control bushfire attack more effectively. Testing has shown a deeper penetrating into wood & materials, which wets faster than water alone.

On application our foams cover  with a fluffy foam blanket to cut out the oxygen from the fire.  Absorbs the heat from the fuel for more protection.  Then cools the fire by releasing encapsulated water from the foam to the fire.


Our foams have a wide range of applications and use including tyre fires.  Depending on the level of proportioning it gives you a wide rage of uses from Asset Protection to Mop Up.

Foams can be applied by ground crews or from aerial bombers, which can lay a thick & long lasting foam blanket into the bush.   When added to water our foam can expand the volume of water up to ten times.  Adding this foam to your water and then aerating the mixture can give you a stable foam blanket that makes it last longer and even absorb more heat.


Our foam is easily identifiable from all areas, from the Air to the Ground, which helps in making fire brakes and repeating previously applicated areas during mop up.


All our foams come to you in easily identifiable pails with convenient colour coding and easy to read labelling, giving you the right product for the correct fire every time.

Available in 20Lt Pails, 200Lt Drums & 1000Lt Bulk Tanks.


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