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Scavenger introduces the DURAM Escape Masks. DURAM Escape Masks are self-rescue devices that provide short-term respiratory protection. An escape mask facilities a safe evacuation in emergencies such as fires, explosions, chemical spills, and toxic gas leaks.

DURAM Escape Masks are suitable for the following Situation:

  • Fire – Smoke inhalation is the main injury, not burns
  • Chemical spills
    • Toxic liquids
    • Aerosols
    • Gases
  • Terror attacks
    • Biological / chemical

DURAM Escape Masks Design Features:

  • Truly one size fits all
  • No limitations with respect to long hair, beards, small head, big heads, glasses
  • Easy to put on (minimal training required)
  • Lightweight and portable (easily accessible)
  • Protects the respiratory system and eyes

DURAM Escape Masks Technical Specifications:

    • Multilayer filter
    • CO Filter
    • ABEK 1 Filter (Organic, Inorganic, Ammonia)
    • Patented –combining two unidirectional valves
    • Vacuum sealed with 5 years maintenance free shelf life

Duram Mask offers five types of masks which can be tailored according to customer requirements.

DURAM Mask Model Description Environment Product Photo
MASKITO An ultra-compact mask designed for incidents of re, making it suitable for almost every setting. The mask lters out HCl, NO2, C6H12, tear gas (CS), and SO2 (not designed to lter out CO). The MASKITO Mask was tested at the ASSAY TECHNOLOGY labs. The MASKITO is smaller than most modern smartphones and can be carried comfortably in a pants or shirt pocket. Mining, Oil & Gas

Chemical & Petrochemical



KIMI A compact mask designed for situations of chemical spills and terrorist attacks. The KIMI protects against organic gases with a boiling point higher than 65ºC; several inorganic gases; sulphuric gases and other acidic gases, as well as ammonia and ammonia derivatives. It also protects against these substances in particle form. (tested at the ASSAY TECHNOLOGY labs). Mining, Oil & Gas

Chemical & Petrochemical



KIMI PLUS The KIMI PLUS is a somewhat larger version of the KIMI, designed for the same range of chemicals, but with an extended ltration capacity achieved through two standard ABEK 1 filters, making it suitable for situations involving those chemicals in levels of up to 1000 ppm. Mining, Oil & Gas

Chemical & Petrochemical


COGO The COGO is a smoke escape mask designed for both smoke and Carbon Monoxide ltration. It is tested for protection against CO, HCl, HCN and propenal (acrolein), is certied under European Standard EN-403, and bears the European Union EU Mark. A variant of this mask intended for petrochemical industries, the COGO-S, is designed to provide protection against sulphuric gases, and has been tested against H2S and SO2. Petrochemical & off-shore drilling




CHEMBAYO The CHEMBAYO is meant to provide short-term protection against chemical and biological agents used in weaponized form. The mask is specically designed against nerve and blood agents (also compliant with the EN 143 Standard for particle ltration), and the lters also contain a HEPA P3 component which protects against particles and aerosols, substantially reducing respiratory exposure to chemical and biological hazards. Defense & Military

Law Enforcement

Emergency Services

Download the DURAM Escape Masks product brochures here and contact Scavenger for DURAM Escape Masks Product and Pricing Information.

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