DURAM Escape Masks – Self-Rescue Solution for Emergency Evacuation

Scavenger Fire & Safety introduce the DURAM Escape Masks. DURAM Escape Masks are self-rescue devices that provide short-term respiratory protection. An escape mask facilities a safe evacuation in emergencies such as fires, explosions, chemical spills, and toxic gas leaks.

DURAM Escape Masks are suitable for the following Situation:

  • Fire – Smoke inhalation is the main injury, not burns
  • Chemical spills
    • Toxic liquids
    • Aerosols
    • Gases
  • Terror attacks
    • Biological / chemical

DURAM Escape Masks Design Features:

  • Truly one size fits all
  • No limitations with respect to long hair, beards, small head, big heads, glasses
  • Easy to put on (minimal training required)
  • Lightweight and portable (easily accessible)
  • Protects the respiratory system and eyes

DURAM Escape Masks Technical Specifications:

    • Multilayer filter
    • CO Filter
    • ABEK 1 Filter (Organic, Inorganic, Ammonia)
    • Patented –combining two unidirectional valves
    • Vacuum sealed with 5 years maintenance free shelf life




For more information on DURAM Escape Masks, please visit the DURAM product page or contact us for product and pricing information

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